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Lakful Sia

Lakful Sia no Marupe, Vetras:

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2167 Marupe, Vetras

Vairāk sludinājumu & mašīnu piedāvājumi:
Stikla mazgāšanas mašīna
Stikla mazgāšanas mašīna Klöpper 2600 R-L

Vertical infeed transport - Vertical 2600 mm washing machine with drying - Tilting table (behind the washing machine) - Horizontal outfeed transport - Tilting table (discharge) Ve... ...

Slīpēšanas ūdens attīrīšana SEDIMENTOR 1.0
Slīpēšanas ūdens attīrīšana SEDIMENTOR 1.0 Bohle SEDI 10

Automatic process water cleaning for glass processing systems (for CNC or grinding systems up to 12 spindles) Throughput: 150L/min R8yu20fv7t Dirty water tank: 1,000 L Filter cart ... ...

Pagriežamā siena
Pagriežamā siena Hegla Drehwand

A rotating wall for the glass industry is available. Weight: approx. 1300kg. Dvxp9boa... ...

Stikla transportēšanas mašīna
Stikla transportēšanas mašīna Hegla SF 2518

A Hegla SF 2518 vertical conveyor for the glass industry is available, weight: approx. 2700 kg. Do37v7... ...

Stikla konveijera galds
Stikla konveijera galds Lisec BTA

A Lisec horizontal conveyor field is available. Pressure: 6bar, max. conveyor weight distribution: 50kg/m², weight: approx. 1450kg. Bojvzuzgd70... ...

Smilšu strūklas mašīna
Smilšu strūklas mašīna SAG Sandstrahlmaschine T2 Sandstrahlmaschine

Selling a little used sandblasting machine. For all glass thicknesses and sizes. Closed system. Bjixj0nd Shipping must be organized by the buyer.... ...


34 movable glass racks + 1 fix rack for max. sizes 3210 x 4500 mm movable with hydraulic system 1 fix rack with glass support of 400 mm R3ab7rq8gl 28 movable racks with glas... ...

Vertikālās frēzēšanas un urbšanas iekārta Bavelloni
Vertikālās frēzēšanas un urbšanas iekārta Bavelloni BAVELLONI 1. VDM1636cn

Bavelloni VDM1636 series vertical milling and drilling machine. + additional options : - pre-setting of drill bits , whetting , - Barcode reader , - additional Camnay office softwa... ...

Divpusējs sānu urbjmašīna
Divpusējs sānu urbjmašīna RBB Trapano

RBB double side drilling machine for glass. Type: Trapano Vh990nivo Year: 2007 SN: 5976/07... ...

Butila ekstrūderis
Butila ekstrūderis Lisec LBH 25V

Manual butyl extruder for coating spacer frames, Length: 3000 mm, depth: 700 mm, Do0rpp height: 850 mm,... ...

Saldētava Reinhardt-Technik Freezer NF

Device for freezing and heating sealing material (insulating glass area), Length: 900 mm, width: 450 mm, Bgeqnu7lr height: 1160 mm,... ...

Molekulārā uzpildes sistēma
Molekulārā uzpildes sistēma Lisec A1RL

Filling system for desiccant granulate, System drills and fills automatically, System comes from current production and is packed ready for dispatch, Transport dimension: Do0rdj Le... ...

Vertikālā stikla mazgāšanas mašīna
Vertikālā stikla mazgāšanas mašīna CMS VGW

With its robust stainless steel frame, it is equipped with brushes. Its high quality Low-E brushes guarantee the longevity of the brush, which is very soft and perfect for clear an... ...

CNC vertikālā stikla šuvju mašīna
CNC vertikālā stikla šuvju mašīna CMS DZH

After the cut glass is delivered to the system, the lifting process can be performed with maximum cycle and speed automatically. Based on a vertical structure, special belts break ... ...

Butila ekstrūderis
Butila ekstrūderis CMS BM7

The butyl extruder is designed to perform primary sealing of spacer bars of different thicknesses for insulating glass units. B089a2lz... ...

Stikla slīpmašīna Siksnu slīpmašīna
Stikla slīpmašīna Siksnu slīpmašīna BOHLE GBS RT 11

Glass grinding machine Bohler type GBS RT 11 year 2005 with coolant device Boawn2uioyh 380 V, 1,1 KW the machine was dismantled for transportation... ...

vertikālais paneļu zāģis
vertikālais paneļu zāģis RBB Diamantking 6000

Vertical saw for Glass - stone glass - fire-resistant glass Rkivzkopo... ...

Ūdens strūklas griešanas mašīna
Ūdens strūklas griešanas mašīna CMS Tecnocut Easyline 2040 (3D)

CMS Tecnocut Easyline like new Cutting Area / Axis Movement X-Axis: 2.000 mm Y-Axis: 4.000 mm Z-Axis: 150 mm Hheduan8x C-Axis: Optional B-Axis: Optional Options: - 5-Axis cutti... ...

Sūkšanas pacēlājs
Sūkšanas pacēlājs Hegla HU 1D

Load capacity: 120 kg, Width: 450 mm, Bn80aoalupp Depth: approx. 200 mm, Height: 550 mm.... ...

Stikla mazgāšanas mašīna
Stikla mazgāšanas mašīna SCV WM 1700/6 vertikal

Working range: 1700mm, glass thickness: 3mm-8mm, dimensions X/Y/Z: 8500mm/2300mm/2900mm, weight: 2000kg. On-site inspection is possible. B0889vjb... ...

Sūkšanas pacēlājs
Sūkšanas pacēlājs Bohle 2 Fach Sauger / 90 grad versetzt

Area of application: Glass technology / Assembly aid Double suction cup 90° offset. Side distance is adjustable Height: 145mm Depth: 70mm Side length: 190mm Suction cup diameter: 1... ...

Termiskā spriegošanas sistēma
Termiskā spriegošanas sistēma Erdmann Vitromod 160/280

Glass thickness range (ESG): 4mm-12mm, glass thickness range (TVG): 3mm-12mm, max. working width: 1600mm, max. batch length: 2800mm, min. sheet length: 300mm, min. sheet width: 100... ...

L-veida stikla uzglabāšanas plaukts lieliem izmēriem
L-veida stikla uzglabāšanas plaukts lieliem izmēriem Hegla TL 50 3V

Load capacity: 15000 kg, max. loading height: 3210 mm, glass support width: 820 mm, Krh7ahb length: 5850 mm, height: 3200 mm, depth: 1810 mm.... ...

A-stikla uzglabāšanas plaukts lieliem izmēriem
A-stikla uzglabāšanas plaukts lieliem izmēriem Hegla TL 50 3V / 730-550

Load capacity: 15000 kg, max. loading height: 3210 mm, Bn2mlj0228a Glass support width: Left: 550 mm, Right: 730 mm, Length: 5850 mm, Height: 3200 mm, Depth: 1810 mm.... ...

Lāzera gravēšanas iekārta
Lāzera gravēšanas iekārta Cerion C-Vertica

The C-VERTICA series is ideal for engraving glass in vertical position. Wherever you don't need horizontal orientation of the glass this system gives you a space-saving and efficie... ...